Serena Williams Before and after Plastic Surgery

Serena Williams was born on September 26th, 1981. She is an American professional tennis athlete that has been currently ranked as the number one tennis player in women’s singles tennis. The Association of Women’s Tennis has ranked Serena Williams as the number one tennis player on six different occasions. She has become the world number one for the first time in 2002. Afterward, she regained the best rank for the sixth time on February 18th, 2013. After she has gained the best rank, she has been declared as the best tennis player in WTA’s history. Williams has also been considered as the best female tennis player in history by a great number of experts and former tennis athletes.  With all the fame and achievement that she has, Serena Williams was not free from rumors. Even though it is a bit weird to have an athlete to be rumored, indeed there have been some rumors about the best female tennis player. Once Serena Williams was rumored to have done plastic surgery. The rumors about Serena Williams were really shocking as the world of an athlete is far from glamorous life. No matter what has been said, the rumors about Serena Williams really got on everyone’s lips.

An Athlete with Breast Implants

Of course, it was a bit difficult to believe what has been said about the rumors. However, the rumors about Serena Williams plastic surgery indeed got spread throughout the globe. Lots of her fans were shocked and confused why the best athlete would go to a surgeon. In fact, she already looks so hot without the knife work. It was rumored that the athlete had done some cosmetic surgeries to escalate her look. Serena Williams was speculated to have taken some contouring techniques to get some illusionary impression on her face. Indeed, if you look at the before and after the plastic surgery, you can see that her face looks different. Her face, in the newer photo, looks much more fascinatingly beautiful and charming. This look is slightly different from the previous one. The other shocking rumor about Serena Williams plastic surgery was that she was speculated to have had breast implants. This was the other hard-to-believe rumor about her.

As you can see, Serena Williams has lifted the breast. Even though there have been lots of buzzes about this issue, there seems to be no different in the before and after pictures. Lots of people then neglect the issue on her taking breast implants. Yet, this issue was evoked for the second time when public noticed her voluminous cleavage on another occasion.

Transferring Fat

Lastly, it has also been said that she has taken another knife work. Once there was rumored that Serena Williams had liposuction to get her fat transferred. The most salient differences in the before and after the plastic surgery was that her body looks different on the waistline. It has been speculated that Serena Williams had her fat removed from one part of her body to another part. Also, the rumors also said that she had butt injection and filler to get her butt much more lifted and shaped.

As you can see in the before and after photo of Serena Williams plastic surgery, you can see that her butt is much more lifted than that in another photo. The other thing which got spoken was the liposuction on her abs. Serena really managed to get her stomach to appear so lumpy and sexy. Whoever did the knife work, he indeed managed to get her to look much more escalated through the knife work.