Sooyoung Plastic Surgery Scandals – Was it also another sort of Korean Beauty?

Korean has been known as the most famous country popular for its music and movie industry. And, of course, there have been so many artists and celebs that gained their success and fame in those two mostly desired career trajectories. Even though there are so many artists that managed to get their way to gain success, it does not mean that it will take only dinky effort to get all the popularity. One of many things that have been speculated to be the key to gaining success is the greatly charming and gorgeous look. Some artists have been rumored to get their success by resorting to the knife work as this cosmetic surgery can get them the charm and sparkle most people are infatuated in. One of many Korean stars that are rumored to have taken the knife work is Sooyoung. Choi Soo-young was born on February 10th, 1990. She has been known as one of the greatest South Korean actresses and songwriters. She was the member of Korean-Japanese music group Route O. today, she has been popular for her career as the member of South Korean girl band, Girl’s Generation. Soo-young has also taken part in various television movies and dramas such as the 3rd Hospital, Dating Agency: Cyrano, and My Spring Days.  The great number of success that she gained apparently could not conceal herself from rumors once it was speculated that she had plastic surgery. The scandals about Soo-young plastic surgery indeed was on media spotlight at that time.

Did she really have the nose job?

There are of course a number of spots that can be the object of plastic surgery. In the case of Soo-young plastic surgery, it was speculated that she had undergone knife work to get some changes on her nose. This rumor was supported by the fact that Soo-young had been captured in a number of occasions. And, her photos can be found everywhere. Allegedly, the actress had really done the nose job in as much as some of her pictures, in a number of occasions, indeed showed some different looks on that particular area. Previously, you can see in the photo on the internet that she has rather a bulbous nose and wide ridge. This has been suddenly changed as she has seemed to have a much more pointed and shaped nose. You will notice in the photos before and after Soo-young plastic surgery via that her nose today is much more slimmer and smaller. The other escalated look on her nose is that her tip of the nose is more pointed. The other part that shows signs of nose jobs is that her nostril appears smaller than before. If there were no difference in the before and after plastic surgery photo, it would be assumed that she is having has done the surgery since then.

Another Secret Unfolded

Now let’s look at another difference posed by her look. You have seen that her nose has been prettified to get the look that she has today. Now, you will see that there is also big change on her face. This time she has been speculated to have her jaw slightly shaved to make her face a little bit square. This new look really fits her overall look and of course, attracts lots of eyes to look at. Even though this rumor is up for debate, the surgery on her jaw has been fully stamped and approved by KPOP combo. Most people then would not believe that Soo-young had her jaw, eyelid, and face untouched through all the years. So what can you say about the rumors about Soo-young plastic surgery?